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The nervous system controls everything in the body. It is composed of the brain, spinal cord, cranial nerves, motor nerves, and sensory nerves.
These nerves control all that we think, do, feel, and experience. When there is a breakdown in the communication of the nervous system, we experience symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, headaches, decreased Range of Motion, increased behavior issues, vision problems, hearing problems, difficulties with attention, and more. QN®  is a non-invasive way to systematically evaluate the nervous system, find, and correct these breakdowns in communication. It is a nervous system rehabilitation technique, and just as muscles can require rehabilitation, so can nerves. QN®  uses Low Level Light Therapy (first studied by NASA) as well as the principal of neurological recognition to accomplish this. The body cannot heal without neurological recognition, which is the ability of the nervous system to detect what is wrong and where to heal. In our office, we have seen great results with QN® in a large variety of cases.

Dr. Osborne is a Quantum Neurology®  Certified Practitioner.
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